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New weapons in Modern Warfare 2 / Warzone 2 Season 4

Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Season 4 new weapons

The Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 4 update brings four new weapons to both games. Three of these new weapons will be available on launch, June 14, 2023, and one will be arriving for the mid-season update.

Tempus Razorback Assault Rifle

Season 4 brings a new Assault Rifle for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 players called the Tempus Razorback.

Arriving at launch, the Tempus Razorback is a bullpup AR with “smooth and controllable” recoil. The Call of Duty blog also describes the weapon’s damage profile as “impressive” with a “rapid rate of fire.” This new Assault Rifle could compete with the meta, as it arrives in Sector D13 of the Season 4 Battle Pass on June 14.


Returning from MW2019, the ISO 45 will arrive in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 for Season 4. Those familiar with the ISO 45 from the previous Modern Warfare game will be extremely comfortable with the MW2 version, as it “functions similarly to the old ISO.”

This SMG has a “high fire rate and the stopping power of .45 rounds,” making it a lightweight, but powerful mid to close-range option. This weapon will be available in Sector D19 of the Season 4 Battle Pass come June 14.

Tonfa melee weapon

The Tonfa is a new melee weapon arriving on the launch of Season 4 of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. The Tonfa is a “hard-polymer, edgeless melee weapon” that deals “blunt trauma.”

Inspired by “warriors on the Japanese Ryukyu islands,” the Tonfa is a wooden baton that can be dual-wielded. The weapon also brings some new Finishing Moves to the game, and it can be unlocked for free through the Assault on Vondel event in Season 4.

New Shotgun for Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2 Season 4 Reloaded

The Call of Duty Season 4 blog officially confirmed that a new Shotgun will be arriving in the mid-season Reloaded update. However, not many more details about this shotgun have been shared, so as more information is revealed, we’ll be sure to update this section.




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