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level up fast(Call of Duty Warzone2)

Fastest ways to level up weapons & Rank in Warzone 2

Carry the weapon you want to level up in Warzone 2

level up fast(Call of Duty Warzone2)
Warzone 2’s weapons can be leveled up by playing with them in different matches.

Simply ensuring you’re carrying the Warzone 2 weapon you want to level up will offer a ton of passive XP, as doing anything as simple as opening chests and surviving storm circles will level up the gun.

Complete Warzone 2 contracts

There are certain Warzone 2 contracts that offer a ton of XP and the passive ones such as Safecracker and Secure Intel give a massive bonus without you having to even fight enemies.

Equip the weapon you want to level up and go around the map completing Safecracker and Secure Intel contracts, and you’ll earn a massive chunk of XP.

Play DMZ

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is an excellent place to level up both weapons and your Rank as you’ll be completing contracts almost the whole game, and most of the enemies you fight will be AQ Soldiers, the AI.

You can extract from DMZ with over 100,000 XP a match if you’re keeping busy the whole time, which will allow you to power through both weapon levels and rank

Own Modern Warfare 2

level up fast(Call of Duty Warzone2)

Owning Modern Warfare 2 grants an XP boost in Warzone 2.

Admittedly an expensive way to level up faster in Warzone 2, but owning Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will give you an XP bonus while playing Warzone 2.

Plus, Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer is a quick and reliable way of ranking up as its action-packed nature allows you to get a ton of kills and XP. Plus, the Invasion mode is an excellent place to farm bots for easy weapon XP.

Use Double XP Weekends & Tokens

Activision drop Double XP Weekends throughout Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2’s seasons, and they’re the best time to play if you’re looking to level up.

Plus, you’ll be earning Double XP Tokens throughout the Battle Pass and for playing the campaign, so use them while deploying the strategies listed above and you’ll level up your weapons twice as fast.

Play with friends (PlayStation only)

As part of Sony’s Modern Warfare 2 benefits, PlayStation players who are in a party will earn 25% more Weapon XP than usual.

So if you’re on PlayStation, ensure you’re partied up with friends and you’ll be earning even more XP.

How to level up Warzone 2 Battle Pass fast

level up fast(Call of Duty Warzone2)

The ISO Hemlock Assault Rifle can be found in Sector B11 of the Warzone 2 Season 2 Battle Pass.

Leveling up Warzone 2’s Battle Pass is quite a slow experience so you’ll be wanting to earn as much XP as possible in a short time, and DMZ is the best place.

DMZ matches can be relatively short but packed with XP if you manage to exfil, so completing a few contracts and extracting from the DMZ mode can grant a Battle Pass Token per match.


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